Extrel Core Mass Spectrometers

The Extrel MAX300-IG™ Process Gas Analyzer represents the latest in mass spectrometer and data system technology. This seventh generation on-line process mass spectrometer was designed to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Extrel’s unique ¾” quadrapoles offer unrivaled sensitivities and resolution providing the precision required for demanding process and laboratory applications.

Questor 5™ software is Internet Explorer based, allowing for remote operation of the Mass Spectrometer and analysis of data from authorized computers. Methods are easy to set up and provide quantitative gas stream analysis. Software is 21 CFR 11 compliant.

Various sample selection options are available to accommodate multiple sample points and gas samples from <10 torr of vacuum to positive pressures. Membrane inlets and sample probes are also available to increase sensitivity for air analysis and to allow sampling of dissolved gases in liquid samples. [column width="300px" padding="10px 0" class="zjpknglv"]

Fermentation Headspace
Solvent Recovery/ Distillation
Lyophilizer Optimization
Vacuum dryers
Fluidized bed dryers

Acetic Acid
Ambient Air Monitoring
Catalysis Research
Coal Gasification
Ethylene Oxide
Fuel Gas
Hydrogen Cyanide
Natural Gas
Vinyl Chloride
Environmental Monitoring


Food, Beverage & Fragrance
Gas Quality Monitoring
Fermentation Headspace
Beverage Container Contaminates
Solvent Recovery
Ambient Air Monitoring

Semiconductor/Gas Production
UHP Gas Impurities
HAPS Emissions
Green House Gas Emissions
Scrubber/Burnbox Efficiency
Ambient Air Monitoring
Argon in Oxygen
Waste Water Analysis
Water Analysis
Chlorine Monitoring
Residual Sulfite Monitoring
Aeration System Performance
VOC Analysis

Waste Water Analysis
Propane Dehydrogenator
Fence Line Monitoring
Process Gas Leak Detector
HRVOC Analysis
Metals Production

Blast Furnace
Coke Oven
Vacuum Decarburization
Controlled Atmosphere Analysis
Fuel Gas
Emissions Monitoring
Gas Mixing Stations
Basic Oxygen Process
Ambient Air Monitoring
Emissions Monitoring
Feedstock Purity
Waste Water Analysis