Dedicated to High-purity Products, Solutions, and Service
Since we started back in 1974, our goal has been to not only deliver the best in high-purity hoses, but to forge meaningful, long-term, customer partnerships. And nearly four decades later, we’ve remained true to that goal.

Integra Companies is the leading provider of high-purity solutions for the biopharmacetucial, food processing, microelectronic and specialty market industries. But that isn’t all we do. We also offer a comprehensive circle of services backed by highly-trained product specialists, engineers, and precision fabricators. In fact, we are the Northeast’s only ISO 9001:2008 certified, cGMP compliant distributor with in-house fabrication capabilities.

We are proud to have built partnerships with the industry’s top companies, yet we are always in search of the latest innovations to complement our product line — and optimize your outcome.

Consider Integra Companies your one source for not only high-purity products, but high-purity solutions.

Integra Companies, Inc. is a complete full range distributor for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Microelectronics Industries. For the past three decades we have built a great reputation as a High Purity Hose Distributor and Integra can now offer to complete the circle in the high purity fluid market with all of the new products we offer:

Hose ID System
Hose Storage

Tygon Tubing
Pump Tubing

Tubing and Bottle Assemblies
Connections, Pinch Valves, and Accessories

PFA Fitting Valves and Tubing
PFA Sensing and Control Products
Gas Filters and Difusers

Plastics Tanks and Fabrications
Plastic Containers

Process Observation Equipment
PTFE Bellows Pumps
Cleanroom Tank Dollies

Disposable Bag Systems
Disposable Mixing Systems

Sanitary Gaskets
Sanitary Clamps
Stainless Fittings

Aseptic Mixers
Aseptics Valves
Peristaltic Pumps

Learn more about the wide range of products we offer then contact us to discuss your specific high purity or fluid handling requirements.