TA Instruments

TA Instruments is the world’s leading supplier and offers the most advanced, most sensitive instrumentation commercially available for thermal analysis, microcalorimetry and rheology. TA manufacturers a wide range of instrumentation, including DSC, DMA, Modulated-DSC, SDT, TGA and TMA systems.

The Q-Series DSC line features Tzero™ technology, a superior method for measuring heat flow. Tzero™ provides essentially flat baselines, with minimal start up and provides significant improvements in baseline flatness, transition resolution and sensitivity over competitive systems. Tzero™ allows for direct measurements of heat capacity, and makes Modulated DSC experiments both faster and more accurate.

TA also offers the first commercial rheometer with magnetic thrust bearing technology for ultra-low nano-torque control. TA technology combines the functionality of controlled-stress and controlled-strain experiments into a single platform, with the smart swap system it is effortless to select the best temperature system for the application.

The new ARES G2 remains the only commercially available rheometer to offer unique separate motor and transducer technology for the purest inertia free rheological measurements. The new ARES G2 is the worlds first Rheometer that can operate in inertia free stress or strain modes.

Microcalorimetry is the latest product to be offered by TA Instruments. Based on the proven technology pioneered by Calorimetry Sciences Corporation and Thermometric AB, the Nano ITC, Nano DSC and TAM microcalorimeter systems provide the ultimate in sensitivity, ruggedness and versatility.

The TA Instruments Nano-Series calorimeters represent the highest sensitivity and unmatched flexibility for the investigation of biological samples. The Nano ITC is focused on the measurement of ligand binding and reaction kinetics, with increased sensitivity and lower detection limits to accommodate lower concentrations than previously possible. The Nano DSC is specifically designed to determine the thermal stability and heat capacity of proteins and other macromolecules in dilute solution, with versatility to allow the screening of ligands and pressure perturbation measurements.

TA Instruments is the undisputed leader in thermal analysis and rheology technology, and feature the best selling rheometers (AR-2000, ARES and Q800 DMA).